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We extend our condolences to the family of Trooper Christopher Lambert. To make a donation in his memory, please visit his Fallen Hero Page.

First Responder Profile: Retired Chicago Police Department
Sergeant Jerry Garcia


“So a team should be in the same colors. Doesn’t matter who the captain is or who’s in charge. We got our new motor jackets and if you notice, they all look the same. There’s no rank on those jackets, because we’re a team. And the public doesn’t need to know who the boss is and the public doesn’t care who the boss is. It’s about how you look and present yourself more than “look at me.”

It’s not individual stuff, it’s a team. Just like any team, if somebody’s messing up or looks bad, then we all look bad. The motor team was perfect for me. Everybody keeps their motor looking great. Our uniforms are always as good as they can be and that’s just my world. I’m all good with it. Everybody knew about being as on time as they could, parking the same way, taking off the same way and that worked out perfectly.”


The 100 Club of Chicago provides for the families of first responders who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This membership based organization offers several forms of financial assistance, access to resources and moral support. All sworn federal, state, county and local first responders stationed in Cook and Lake Counties are included.

Your contribution to the 100 Club of Chicago helps provide for the dependents of fallen first responders. We are grateful for your support.

Our Membership Program provides various membership options to choose from in order to support our 100 Club Families.

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Since its inception, the 100 Club of Chicago has served 270 families with more than $11 million through our programs. Through First Response Assistance, Educational Assistance and our Gold Shield Partners, we are able to provide for our families.

When tragedy strikes in Cook or Lake County, the 100 Club of Chicago immediately responds with financial support to help lessen the devastating effects.

Education Assistance is available to the spouses and children of fallen first responders for higher education, including trade and vocational schools, colleges and universities. Grants and scholarships are both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Gold Shield Partners work with the families of the fallen to provide them with pro bono professional support in the areas of Counseling, Law, Finance and Education.

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Fallen Heroes

The 100 Club of Chicago honors the brave men and women who serve in public safety, police and fire departments throughout Cook and Lake Counties, who risk their lives on a daily basis so that we can be safe in our homes, workplaces and communities. We honor the fallen by hosting a roll call of our public safety professionals who lost their lives in the line-of-duty. Fallen Heroes