Small Business/Group Membership

Due to recent interest, we have expanded our membership program to include an option for Small Businesses/Groups.

Compared to an Individual Membership, the Small Business/Group Membership allows for entities to support the 100 Club on a wider scale. In addition to including cards for employees or group members, this membership also includes:

  • Storefront Window Decal stating “Proud Supporter of the 100 Club of Chicago” (8″ x 8″)
  • 100 Club of Chicago Pins
  • 100 Club of of Chicago Information Sheets
  • Information regarding 100 Club of Chicago Event Sponsorships

Small Business/Group Memberships start at $500. This amount includes membership for up to 10 people as individual memberships are $50 each. (i.e. if $1,000 was given, this would account for 20 memberships).

To become a Small Business/Group Member of the 100 Club, please print and fill out this Application Form and return it along with payment to the 100 Club at:

100 Club of Chicago
875 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1351
Chicago, IL 60611

For any questions or additional information, please contact Regan Raimondi at or at (312) 265-0920.