100 Club of Chicago Junior Board Application

100 Club Junior Board Executive Team Important Information
The 100 Club of Chicago’s Junior Board Executive Team consists of young leaders who have committed to a leadership role in support of the 100 Club of Chicago’s overall mission as well as the aim of the Junior Board to increase awareness of the Club among a younger demographic in order to enhance 100 Club membership, financial sustainability and leadership succession.

Junior Board Executive Team members commit to a significant leadership role in the 100 Club that requires an intense amount of time and focus.  They each own a specific function that will require 1)collaborating with other Team members, 2) working directly with 100 Club Staff members and, in most cases, 3) the management of volunteers.  The Junior Board Executive Team meets annually.  Team members also participate in committee meetings that are pertinent to their roles.  All members of the Team are expected to attend major Junior Board events including the annual meeting of the Junior Board. Team members are also encouraged to attend all 100 Club events.

The deadline for Junior Board Executive Team member applications is February 23, 2014. *This is a fixed deadline.  Please plan your time accordingly in case sickness, heartbreak, project overload or other aspects of life get in the way the week of 2/23!*

Phone or in-person interviews may be required.  Decisions for both one and two-year terms running April 1, 2014 – to March 31, 2015 or March 31, 2016 will be communicated in mid-March.  The Annual Meeting of the Junior Board Executive Team will be April 3.

The decision to apply for the Junior Board Executive Team should not be taken lightly.  Understanding the requirements of Team membership, successful Team members will choose the 100 Club as their first or only charitable/civic commitment.
–    100 Club Member in good standing
–    Proven leadership track record
–    Commitment to recruit 15 or more Junior Board Members (at least 10 must be first-time members)
–    Availability of time and focus for an average of 10 hours a month

Benefits of Membership
In addition to the opportunity to thank those who protect you in a tangible way, 100 Club Junior Board Executive Team membership offers many benefits, including:
–    exclusive membership limited to 15 individuals.
–    the opportunity to form relationships with some of the most respected young leaders in Chicago.
–    the opportunity to meet and form relationships with prestigious members of the 100 Club governing board.
–    discounted admission to Junior Board events.
–    tax deductible membership dues.
–    brilliant references.

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