First Response Assistance

Educational Assistance

Gold Shield Partners

Since its inception, the 100 Club of Chicago has served 284 families with more than $11 million, of which more than $5 million was devoted to educational assistance for the dependents.

  • First Response Assistance

  • Educational Assistance

Within 24 hours following the loss of life in the line of duty, the 100 Club of Chicago presents an initial check for $15,000 to cover the family’s immediate financial needs.  Several weeks later, a second meeting is held with the family and the Club will present an additional check to cover a portion of the family’s debts.

The Educational Assistance Program of the 100 Club of Chicago provides financial assistance for dependents for their undergraduate, vocational education and graduate studies.  Currently, there are 30 dependents receiving assistance from the program and there are an additional 79 children who will be eligible for assistance as they reach college age.

Gold Shield Partners commit to a four-year relationship with the 100 Club. They provide pro bono services ranging from educational brochures addressing the specific needs common among 100 Club families to free services. In addition to pro bono professional support to 100 Club Families, Gold Shield Partners make a significant financial gift each year.